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Gamification just makes it so much more fun

Jumping in a hall maxed out with trampolines is fun regardless of what you are doing. Adding gaming elements accompanied with rewards for jumpers when certain challenges are completed will make it even more fun. The TRICKR movement sensor will take care of such a thing.

The sensor and specially crafted app, filled with fun challenges and their rewards will motivate jumpers to return more often and jump for a longer time.

A gaming mindset

A gaming mindset, that’s what it is, challenging jumpers. New challenges! The height of a jump gets a whole new meaning if it counts to complete challenges!

How high did you jump adding everything up? 8,5 meters?! Wow you almost jumped your own house! You keep jumping, we keep up the count. You’ll reach new heights with every jump you make, first you’ll reach a flat, then the Eiffel tower (300 meters!), with these amazing results, amazing rewards will follow. Your name shining on the local leader board and at the counter you can retrieve a lovely little gift. Jumping has never been this fun!


Sports with a goal, is purposeful and motivating, you want to achieve something and be rewarded for it. Through gamification it is all about the reward, achieving your goals such as: jump higher, reaching your limits and beating others at jumping. Through these actions you can get points, emblems and other rewards. Sometimes you can even get small gifts, a free jumping class or a coupon. How much more fun could you possibly have in a trampoline park? 

Sharing your experiences on social media

It is a known fact that customers of trampoline centres will gladly share their experiences on social media. With the gamification of jumping, these posts will be much more fun and easier to share. Jumpers can post through their own Instagram and snapchat-accounts, but also through the TRICKR community. Friends will join in a fun and sportsmanlike competition, good news for park managers: a lot more jumpers will come seeking for this challenge.